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Four Seasons Unveils Uber Lux Global Jet Service

Four Seasons announced this week a new, and industry first, luxury private jet service to compliment your global jet-setting experience. Read More »

Luxury Property Spotlight

Grand Tetons Wonderland - (Driggs, Idaho)

Huntsman Springs is golf and club community developed by Jon Huntsman, Sr. A place of serenity and beauty in the hitherto undeveloped Teton Valley of Western Idaho. Read More »

Regional Real Estate News

Last Updated April 23, 2014 3:26 PM ET
North America

Four Seasons announced this week a new, and industry first, luxury private jet service to compliment your global jet-setting experience.

According to the California Association of Realtors (CAR), there are encouraging signs for a healthy California spring home-buying season.

According to the latest Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey, mortgage applications decreased 3.3 percent from one week earlier.

San Francisco continues its winning ways in attracting some of America's leading high-tech companies into its city borders.

We have not been able to pay our mortgage for about 12 months. We recently received a foreclosure notice - is there anything we can do?

Well, summer's coming. For families all over the world, it means sending the kids off to summer camp in places of great natural beauty or cultural bounty. But who says kids should have all the fun?

The Miami Association of Realtors reported today that during the month of March 2014, Miami's real estate market reflected more of a balance between buyers and sellers.

U.S. existing-home sales were soft in March, while the growth in home prices moderated.

Last Updated April 18, 2014 8:00 AM ET
Latin America

Central and South America's hotel development pipeline comprised of 390 hotels totaling 63,780 rooms.

There is a strong increase of new hotel development now occurring in both the Caribbean and Mexico over last year's construction activity.

Puerto Rico's commercial real estate market continues to go through a bumpy recovery in 2014.

Lima's office market is enjoying strong office demand as landlords have delivered a significant amount of new office inventory.

Panama City is enjoying an office building boom being driven by several economic factors.

Commercial property markets in Caracas, Venezuela continue to be dealing with the headwinds of political and economic uncertainty.

Bogota's commercial markets are slowing rebounding due mainly in part to both an emerging middle-class economy.

The private equity industry is finally returning in real estate markets after a long recession.

Last Updated April 17, 2014 8:30 AM ET

European real estate loan sales have started off 2014 at a frenetic pace.

The European hotel development pipeline comprises 925 hotels totaling 149,866 rooms.

France's consumer spending is expected to increase by 0.6% in Q2.

Cushman & Wakefield reports this week that UK shopping center investment turnover for the first quarter of 2014 has remained positive.

New York and London have been named as leading international cities of the world.

Hotels in Athens reported significant performance improvement in 2013.

Developers are preparing to unveil a completed project in a prestigious city palace.

Getaway cities will deliver the best growth in the next five years.

Last Updated April 22, 2014 10:00 AM ET
Middle East and Africa

Real estate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is becoming more expensive in 2014

Following the period of unprecedented tensions across the Kingdom of Bahrain, we are finally returning to a sustained period of stability.

While demand for Dubai's hotel rooms has been increasing in 2014, and positive revenue-per-available-room has grown, new supply has been outpacing it.

When it comes to selling luxury condos in Dubai, height matters according to international real estate firm Cluttons.

International occupiers of office and industrial space have demonstrated renewed confidence in Dubai.

Industrial investment volumes in EMEA totaled €5.6 billion during the fourth quarter, climbing 33 percent.

Global home prices experienced record growth in 2013.

Qatari property company Barwa Real Estate announced its 2013 net profit increased 21 percent.

Last Updated April 23, 2014 8:50 AM ET
Asia Pacific

These are heady days for Japanese real estate, particularly in the country's two largest cities, Tokyo and Osaka.

Real estate investment trusts are misunderstood in Asia, real-estate executives believe, and may need a regulatory overhaul.

Asia's hotel development industry is very active these days.

This week, a SWAT police team at least 20 strong descended on the sales office of a property developer in Zhejiang Province.

A total of 39 million square meters of new shopping center space is currently under construction across the world's major cities.

Malaysia has led the way in terms of salary growth for property professionals in the last year.

Home-buyers are expected to return to India's subdued property market after the country's general elections, which start next week.

Steel prices are forecast to increase at an annualized rate of 2.2% over the next three years.

Real Estate Dashboard
U.S. Housing Stats Feb. 2014 Jan. 2014
Existing Home Sales (Annualized Rate) 4.60m 4.62m
Existing Home Prices (Median) $189,000 $188,900
Existing Home Inventory (all U.S.) 2.0m 1.9m
Existing Home Supply (Months) 5.2 4.4
New Home Sales (Annualized Rate) 444,000 468,000
New Home Prices (Median) $261,800 $260,100
New Home Inventory (all U.S.) 189,000 184,000
New Home Supply (Months) 5.2 4.7
Building Permits (Single Family) 588,000 599,000
Housing Starts (Single Family) 583,000 581,000
Housing Completions (Single Family) 631,000 607,000
Pending Home Sales Index (PHSI) 93.9 95.0
Home Builder Confidence Index (HMI) 46 56

Source: NAR & U.S. Commerce Department

U.S. Foreclosure Stats Feb. 2013 Jan. 2014
Residential Filings 112,498 124,419
Year Over Year % Change 10.0% 18.0%

Source: RealtyTrac

Global House Price Index (Q4, 2013)

Country Annual Price Change Quarterly Change
1. Dubai 34.8% NA
2. China 27.5% 5.0%
3. Taiwan 15.1% 2.0%
4. Estonia 14.5% 6.0%
5. Turkey 13.8% 2.9%
6. Brazil 12.7% 3.5%
7. Indonesia 11.5% 1.8%
8. Colombia 11.5% 1.9%
9. United States 11.3% -0.3%
10. Poland 10.2% 6.4%
11. Malaysia 10.1% 1.3%
12. Kazakhstan 9.4% 3.3%
13. Australia 9.3% 3.4%
14. New Zealand 9.2% 1.8%
15. Iceland 8.7% 3.2%
16. Israel 8.6% 0.7%
17. Hong Kong 7.7% -0.2%
18. Unted Kingdom 7.0% 2.7%
19. Ireland 6.4% 2.6%
20. Luxembourg 5.5% 0.4%
21. Switzerland 4.6% 1.2%
22. Russia 4.2% 0.5%
23. Austria 4.1% -0.5%
24. Sweden 4.1% 1.1%
25. Mexico 4.1% 0.1%
26. Canada 3.8% 0.1%
27. India 3.4% 2.4%
28. Latvia 3.0% 1.2%
29. South Africa 2.8% 1.4%

Source: Knight Frank

U.S. Office Market Current Qtr.
(Q4 - 13)
Prior Qtr.
(Q3 - 13)
(sf in 1000s)
(sf in 1000s)
(sf in 1000s)
Vacancy Rate
Gross Asking Rent
($ per sf)

Source: CBRE Econometric Advisors

U.S. Industrial Market Current Qtr.
(Q4 - 13)
Prior Qtr.
(Q3 - 13)
(sf in 1000s)
(sf in 1000s)
(sf in 1000s)
Vacancy Rate
Net Asking Rent
($ per sf)

Source: CBRE Econometric Advisors

U.S. Retail Market Current Qtr.
(Q4 - 13)
Prior Qtr.
(Q3 - 13)
(sf in 1000s)
(sf in 1000s)
(sf in 1000s)
Vacancy Rate
Net Asking Rent
($ per sf)

Source: CBRE Econometric Advisors

U.S. Multifamily Market Current Qtr.
(Q4 - 13)
Prior Qtr.
(Q3 - 13)
Rentable Inventory
Rentable Completions
Vacancy Rate
Same-Store Rent
Index ($/unit)

Source: CBRE Econometric Advisors

U.S. Hotels
(Jan. 2014)
Occupany Rates Avg. Daily Rates (USD)
Luxury   67.6%
Upper Upscale   63.2%
Upscale   62.7%
Upper Midscale   51.8%
Midscale   44.9%
Economy   45.4%
Independents   48.7%
TOTAL U.S.   52.2%

Source: STR

International Hotels  (By Region, Aug. 2013) Occupany Rates Avg. Daily Rates (USD)
Americas   69.3%
Asia/Pacific   71.8%
Europe   74.2%
Middle East/Africa   56.1%

Source: STR Global

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